Banana Chips
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Banana Chips

Price: - ₹140.00 /250gm

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We use only organically grown coconut oil for banana chips making and one time used oil never use for next time. We ensure that within 24 hours of its making, After collecting the banana we peel it and slice it. We make them washed in distilled water, mixed with organic turmeric powder. After two or three washes, stains on peeled banana will be washed away. Then, we make it dried to remove water from the chips. We then fry it in coconut oil. Then allows to dry and pack in a hygienic way. But in commercially made chips, many unhealthy practices have done like, using cheaper vegetable oils instead of coconut oil. In most cases, raw banana never washes or washes in turmeric powder. We ensure that all such unhealthy practices are not followed and offer you the best quality banana chips. We don’t use any kind of preservatives, additives, or any other chemical agents to make banana chips.

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