Black Pepper
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Black Pepper

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Black Pepper which is (Kurumulaku in Malayalam – Kali Mirch in Hindi – Marich in Sanskrit) is cultivated for its fruit. The “king of spices” is widely used in cuisines globally. It’s indigenous to the rain forests of Kerala and also known as “black gold”. Black pepper is actually a flowering vine. In Kerala it’s still dried in direct sunlight. The fruit in the dried stage is known as peppercorn and that’s used as a spice, medicine and seasoning. After drying it’s consumed in the raw form.

Pepper is an inevitable ingredient for several culinary delights. Besides hot taste and aroma, it’s added to dishes to correct the seasoning. Pepper is a good preservative which is used in baking, pickling, canning and for preserving meat. The world today consumes as much black pepper as all other spices combined. It’s used in one way or other in most cuisines and it’s used to prepare just about every kind of dish, including desserts!

Tip: A homemade cure for a bad migraine headache is a concoction of freshly crushed black pepper cooked in milk. A resealable bag is convenient and ensures the product will stay fresh for months.