Dried Jack Fruit(Unakka Chakka)
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Dried Jack Fruit(Unakka Chakka)

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Jackfruit Sliced & Dried (pacha chakka unagiyathu) ചക്ക ചൊള ഉണങ്ങിയത്
Sliced and dried raw jackfruit, Arinja chakka chola unakkiyatu പച്ച ചക്ക ചൊള ഉണങ്ങിയത്
Jackfruit is an oval shaped tropical fruit which grows on jack trees native to South Asian countries like India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka and South East Asian countries like Thailand and Malaysia. Raw and matured jackfruits have a green coloured thick outer skin with a prickly presence. Once it is carved open, we could find white coloured jackfruit bulbs with each bulb containing an oval shaped seed. Since jackfruits are not available all-round the year, raw and matured jackfruits can be sliced, dried and stored for later use. These sun dried jackfruit slices can be used for the preparation of various jackfruit recipes like Chakka puzhukku, pickles and jackfruit chips. The seeds are also edible and taste similar to chestnuts.

Dried jackfruit cooking method – Method of preparation
Soak 250gm of dried jackfruit slices in clean water for 3 – 3½ hours. The water should be on level with the jackfruit slices.
Once it is soaked for 3 – 3½ hours, the dried jackfruit pieces would drink up the water and increase its size.
Now, remove the remaining water and take the jackfruit pieces.
Transfer it to a steamer and cook it for half an hour. Close the lid of the vessel while cooking. (In between, check whether the jackfruit is cooked or not)
Meanwhile, ground the sufficient quantity of grated coconut, green chillies, turmeric powder, curry leaves and shallots to form a coarse mixture. Keep it aside.
Once it is cooked, water presence would be less as reduced through evaporation. Now add the coarse coconut mixture on top and sprinkle some salt for the taste.
Close the lid and simmer it for few minutes. When the steam comes again, open the lid and mix the ingredients with a ladle. The recipe will be of a greenish yellow texture.
When it is ready, serve it hot with Bird’s eye chilli chutney (Kantari mulaku chutney) or non-veg recipes.

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